Play is the children’s work.

At our play-based early childhood preschool, we are passionate about nurturing children's natural inclination to explore, wonder and discover. Our open spaces are safe and creative environments that encourage children's creativity, individuality and love of learning.

When the children enter our preschool, they feel the spirit of caring and the loving commitment that our teachers have toward each and every child.

Join our atmosphere of challenge, inquiry and respect.

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Come see and hear what finnish early education is all about!

Moomin International Kindergarten is open to all families and welcomes families from diverse backgrounds who support the school's educational philosophy, values and approach.

Mailing address:
Akasaka 2-18-12
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan


Email for kindergarten inquiries:

Places of interest within 2-10 mins walk from us:                                         ANA Intercontinental Hotel                                                                                    American, Swedish, Spanish Embassies

Access by Tokyo Metro (subway)

Tameike-sanno station (G-06 & N-06, Namboku & Ginza lines): Exit 12, 3 minutes walk. For walking map click here.

Roppongi-1chome station (N05, Namboku line): Exit 3, 5minute walk. For a walking map click here.

Akasaka station (C-06, Chiyoda line): Exit 5b, 6 minutes walk. For a walking map click here.

Roppongi station (H-05, Hibiya and Oedo lines): Exit 6, 12 minutes walk. For a walking map click here.

by Bus

From Shibuya station bus #1 bound for Nihonbashi. Stop: Ark Hills Front Tower. 1 minute walk.


MTG Akasaka 2-chome Parking Lot is 2 mins walk. 

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