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Our Supporters:

About Us

The Scandinavian Center in Akasaka is a multi purpose space in Tokyo partnering closely with the Nordic community to develop in Japan. We believe in the power of collaboration, the importance of advisory, the spirit of entrepreneurship and the paramount role of education as an investment in human capital. We promote innovation, creativity, education, design and business. For companies we offer a range of "soft landing" services to successfully enter the Japanese market.

Our flexible co-working space with "hot desks," conference room and small offices can be rented for as little as a few hours.  Our event space cater towards hosting events, meet-ups, demo days, weekly classes and lectures.

Our Capabilities

  • Co-working Collaborative Space and meeting rooms 
  • Virtual Office 
  • Soft Landing Services, company establishment, accounting
  • Business Consultancy & Incubation 
  • Scandinavian & World Experience Through Culture, Art, Design, Education & Innovation
  • Event planing and execution
  • Real Estate, Architecture & Interior Design
  • Product & Graphic Design

our spaces are available for your intimate private or corporate events. to schedule a visit or plan an event click here.


Our purely open plan shared working space aims to attract energetic and creative people to collaborative, work, learn, develop and create together. We aim to foster companies, incubate and accelerate ventures in an ecosystem that attracts people from all backgrounds and industries and create an invigorating atmosphere for sharing knowledge and resources. We play an active role in finding mentors, partners and investment.

This is the first space in Japan with a focus on attracting companies, start ups and entrepreneurs from Scandinavia to build a bridge to the Japanese market in a very dynamic way. This space aims to become the start of a local office for brands, an accelerator for companies at different stages of development and growth.

The open plan is equipped with a kitchenette, lounge, meeting room and individual working stations. Located on the 3rd floor and occupies 95m2 and access to the 100m2 roof top. Capacity for 20 working stations or 50-80 people standing.





Our open loft space offers flexibility and adaptability for a wide range of uses. We partner with cultural and commercial entities, private companies and individuals to host events, exhibitions, leadership and training workshops, networking opportunities and more. We seek people to teach, speakers to share their story, mentors to share their experience. This is a place to gain skills, meet people and enjoy events.

The space is also available for corporate and private events, exhibitions, product launches etc. We are located on the 2nd floor and occupy 85m2 of open loft + kitchen + library.  Capacity for 30-40 seating or 50-80 people standing.



Moomin International Kindergarten is the first Scandinavian School in Tokyo offering personalized and fully integrated early childhood education and care (ECEC) in English using Finnish and Scandinavian learning traditions. Experienced educators engage the whole active learning child through an inquiry based, exploratory and holistic learning approach. 

We provide children with a solid foundation to learn how to learn, enjoy it and continue learning to be successful throughout their lives. Educators partner with parents and use individual development plans to understand each child and create a curriculum that caters to each child’s abilities and needs. We adhere to the Finnish National Early Childhood Education and Care Curriculum Guidelines. For children from 6mos-6 years old. We offer multi-lingual after school creativity programs. 

The space is also available for private events during off hours and weekends, birthday celebrations, pre-natal, baby and parenthood learning. We are located on the 1st floor and occupy 75m2 of flexible open space. Capacity for 21 children, events up to 30 people.  

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From JPY128,000 for 3 days per week.

From JPY128,000 for 3 days per week.

Our Premises

We occupy a fully renovated 275m2 building in the heart of Tokyo, 3-10 mins walk from 4 metro lines. We are located right across the street from the Intercontinental ANA Hotel in Akasaka and JETRO offices. The US and Swedish embassies are 10 mins walk away as are numerous offices and companies' headquarters. This is a Free Trade Zone address.

The interior design and renovation was created under the direction of Danish architect Jens Martin Suzuki-Højrup, creative director of Hokuou - Architecture & Design and previously of Kjaer & Richter and 3XN in Denmark.



Martin blended his previous experience designing schools and office interiors to create a cohesive building showcasing Scandinavian design. The openness of each floor allows us to use the space flexibly and comfortably, welcoming different groups of people for diverse purposes.   

The main idea of the building renovation was to create the most flexible building with light, warmth and comfortable interior. Nature is an important part of both interiors and exteriors. All materials and colors were selected to give people a welcoming atmosphere and a sense of Scandinavian design in many of the details. With the use of natural materials we bring back nature to the middle of the city.
— Jens Martin Suzuki-Højrup

Complemented with a range of high quality and unique products from partners such as Artek, Vallila, Fiskars, Iitala, Miele, Royal Furniture Collection among others, we look forward to welcoming you to learn, work or share in this beautifully designed, simple, functional and user friendly space.  Located 3-12 mins walk from Akasaka, Tameikesanno, Roppongi and Roppongi 1-chome stations. We are a short walking distance to numerous embassies, parks, cultural institutions, places of interest such as Jetro, ANA Hotel, restaurants and more.

Floor plans. Hokuou - Architecture & Design.

Floor plans. Hokuou - Architecture & Design.

Come visit us. We look forward to welcoming you!

2-18-12 Akasaka
Minato-ku, 107-0052
(080) 4634-1812